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Pneumatic marking machine driver stepper motor driver controller pneumatic code machine subdivision driver

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Baby details are as follows

 Digital two phase stepper motor driver


  • Two phase / four phase / four wire / six line stepper motor suitable for 42, 57, 3A;
  • 8 independent power field tube structures.
  • Using the ARM-CortexThe 32 bit core DSP chip is the main control.
  • Advanced digital PWM current control technology, more high step distance precision, lower noise, chopping current control technology greatly superior to the traditional.
  • Reduction of calorific value by synchronous rectification.
  • The pulse signal is isolated by 6n137 high speed optocoupler.
  • Current 0.9-3A8 gearAdjustable, 0.3A increment.
  • Working voltage range 12-32V.
  • 8 subdivisions: 10, 20, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64128..
  • Automatic half flow function.
  • Offline / enable control.
  • The input signal is optocoupler isolating.
  • Independent power terminal, easy to use.
  • Overheating protection.
  • Fault phase and short circuit protection.
  • TVS transient diode power surge protection.
  • Independent power terminal, convenient wiring.




Operating current regulation (RunningCurrent)
Use the dialing switch SW4, SW5, SW6 to adjust the running current.

Keep current (automatic half flow)(Holding Current):

When the motor stops turning and holding (0.5 seconds without stepping pulse), the running current is automatically reduced by half

Subdivision regulation (Microstep)
The dialing switch SW1, SW2, SW3 are used to adjust the motor subdivision mode. There are 8 kinds of subdivision modes:













LED indicator lamp
The green light often shows that the work is normal, and the following will cause the light to flicker:

 If the motor or motor is not connected to any other phase, the electric motor parameters of the driver fail to be detected.

Drive over current protection.


Signal input port:
PUL+: step pulse signal + pole
PUL-: step pulse signal - pole

DIR+: directional control signal + pole
DIR-: directional control signal - pole

ENA+: make the energy signal + pole
ENA-: make the energy signal - pole

Be careful:The offline enable reset signal is different from the other two signals. Users can not connect, that is, when no signal is input, the driver can enter the working mode. If there is signal input, the driver will enter the sleep mode.

The control signal of the upper computer controller can be effective at high level and low level. When high efficiency is used, the negative ends of all the control signals are connected as signal points, and when all the control signals are low effective, they connect all the positive ends of the control signals as the common end of the signal. Now, with the collector opening as an example, the diagram of the interface circuit is as follows:


A reference input interface circuit1(common anode method, low level effective)


A reference input interface circuit2(common cathode connection, high level effective)


Be careful:VCCValue5VWhen,RShort connection (no series connection resistance R);

   VCCValue12VWhen,Rby1K~1.2KMore than1/8WResistance;

      VCCValue24VWhen,Rby2.7K~3.3KMore than1/8WResistance;

      RIt must be connected to the signal terminal of the controller.

Output and power port:
VS+: power supply + pole
VS-: power source - pole
A+, A- step motor A phase
B+, B- step motor B phase

 Use of environment and parameters