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Jiale cold and warm fish tank, refrigerator, chiller, silent water chiller, seafood refrigeration unit

discount 70% in 2018-09-24 to 2018-09-26
price: USD$ 864.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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The following parameters specific cooling is also related to the heat brought by the outside, please choose a relatively large refrigerator, better effect. Please consult customer service.

1/10P performance reference chiller (suitable for use below 160 litres of fish tanks)

Water at 160L: (room temperature 30-35 degrees, can be reduced to 25 degrees Celsius temperature)
Water at 120L-140L: (room temperature 30-35 degrees, can be reduced to about 20 degrees Celsius)
Water at 100L-120L: (room temperature 30-35 degrees, can be reduced to about 18 degrees Celsius)
Water at 80L-100L: (room temperature 35 degrees, can be reduced to about 15 degrees Celsius)
Water quantity below 80L can be reduced to about 12 degrees or lower technical parameters
1/5P performance reference chiller (suitable for use below 280 litres of fish tanks)
Water at 280L: (room temperature 30-35 degrees, can be reduced to 25 degrees Celsius temperature)
Water at 240L-250L: (room temperature 30-35 degrees, can be reduced to about 20 degrees Celsius)
Water at 200L-230L: (room temperature 30-35 degrees, can be reduced to about 18 degrees Celsius)
Water at 150L-180L: (room temperature 30-35 degrees, can be reduced to about 12 degrees Celsius)
The amount of water below 150L can be reduced to about 12 or lower
(above data and pictures, such as factory change, to the actual prevail. For the more stringent requirements of the parameters, please consult the customer service to confirm the stock spot parameters
Customer service service: where in the cold water machine goods shop to buy please keep you then take the goods of the order number as the day after the Taobao customer service service basis and internal documents, products without warranty card.
The whole machine is guaranteed for one year, and the worn parts (such as the nozzle panel) and consumables (refrigerant) are not guaranteed
Customer service postage: in the warranty period, our party is responsible for free replacement and maintenance, logistics costs generated by aa. If the customer can replace the repair, please send the old parts back to the store, we received the new accessories to you
Water chiller temperature setting method:
Press the SET key to enter the temperature setting function, and the digital tube display the setting temperature.
According to the "keys to adjust the set temperature or so until it meets the requirements.
Stop operation (not press any key) for 10 seconds, the digital tube is automatically converted to display temperature, set valid.
Buyers must read
1: this cold water machine for heavy goods, iron shell is easy to damage, we do not express
2: This product, the default logistics, the logistics can send another.
3: the set of freight for freight logistics (De Bang), please do not misunderstand the express freight.
4: if the pro must request express freight, please negotiate with the customer service charges, but express we do not guarantee the safe arrival of transportation, if the damage, the buyer himself bear the round-trip freight, and damage compensation.
Pro 5: at the time of receipt, when the best logistics inspection, ensure that no problem, before the receipt, thank you.
Technical characteristics:
The shape is small and exquisite, which can be said to be the world's small compressed refrigeration chiller
Unique sleeve type heat exchanger design, high efficiency heat exchange, high refrigeration efficiency
Pure titanium metal water circulation system, corrosion resistance, seawater and fresh water can be applied
Intelligent temperature control system, with a variety of control and protection functions, easy operation, temperature control
When the machine is running, the distance is more than 3 meters, the basic sound can not be heard
Special reminders:
Online shopping is different from shopping malls, shopping malls are on the counter in a static state almost no loss, Chinese vast, online shopping during a parcel almost regular aircraft, car, train hundreds of kilometers of transportation, to reach the hands of customers, can not avoid the middle will produce extrusion, vibration, friction, collision, cause the package or packaging product deformation or wear, rough, of course we will fully packaged products, but sometimes it can not be avoided, such a situation caused by the customer please forgive. If you like perfect, please go to the counter to buy.
Two, before shopping:
Any questions, you can always consult Oh, we will patiently answer for you.
Three, about the price of the product
There is the price of the product is low price we can give, to interfere with our good communication, please buy a mercy, if don't store discount, you can choose not to buy.
Four, ask for extra gifts
And in this way, to seek spiritual comfort customers, please detour, the shop is hard to meet, and will not reply!
Five, buyers photographed after:
Contact us to amend the postage, more than one piece will automatically charge more postage. When we have changed the postage, you'll confirm the payment again
You can also use the shopping cart function, you can buy several products, only one postage (the premise is not overweight, 1KG within a freight, overweight need to add freight)
Because the freight is different, so the actual freight as the standard, we must believe that the store will not earn you a penny for freight.
Six, buyers after payment:
In the period of receipt (within 1-5 days from Guangdong to other cities, express delivery is generally about 2-8 days), during this period, the phone must be kept on and off, so that the courier can not contact you in time
Seven, the arrival of the receipt:
Before receiving the parcel, we should check things clearly, sign again, (prepare a knife before receiving parcels, easy to cut). If we find the goods are missing, distribution errors, damaged goods and other problems, and timely contact us (the courier on the phone with our manager). Because once you sign, and then found the problem, and then express claims for the possibility of success is zero, out of stock damage timely contact, we will contact the courier company to solve for you.
Individual local courier company to allow the recipient to sign and then check, in which case, should pay attention to you, before signing and courier instructions, you check out before the courier to leave oh. If the goods are damaged, the number is not correct and so on, let the courier on the express note is good (after the courier company inform us). For the loss of goods, we will pay in full.
You receive the parcel have any questions you can contact, I hope you don't go to a bad rating, everyone is clearly a poor evaluation or assessment, so we cherish each and every praise evaluation:) we will really malicious evaluation of complaints in the end, the hope of understanding.
New rules: lack of goods payment, damage early delivery (the buyer accepted) before delivery (the buyer by the seller, signed by the buyer after air waybill). In addition, customers please be sure to confirm after the acceptance of the signature, or signed after when the delivery side after checked items in complete, sign and say something bad or wrong things, so I am responsible for using the evaluation to threaten me, I can't help you take and you can only say sorry!
Eight, about express slow, bad service attitude!
This is a common problem in online shopping, courier industry is in an initial phase of development in our country, the quality of employees in various regions is uneven, caused by the quality of service, it is unable to control (courier company is not on us, we cannot control), ask the customer to understand. Before shipment, the customer can remind us to use our express as much as possible.

About delivery time, generally within the scope of Guangdong is generally about 1-5 days, other provinces about 2-8 days. Some of the reasons why some courier company itself, will lead to a relatively long time to receive, the courier company will not promise to reach the limit, this is also not about us! Also please customers can understand!



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