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South Korea THESAEM Jeju Island 99% aloe glue 300ml moisturizing sleep mask N multipurpose

Aloe vera gel is suitable for all kinds of skin. It feels soft and smooth. It replenish water deeply, nourish pores and make skin moist and smooth. This aloe content is increased to 99%, and it is easier to absorb. It has to compete with him to increase the amount of aloe glue to 99%. Compared to the natural paradise, the fresh aloe vera gum taste slightly elegant, wiped up feeling a little gap, the use of the fresh absorption of a little better.

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The aloe is really a good thing.

It's very goodWater supplement, Zhen, Dan markThe effect of ~

So the aloe glue is also very popular with the baby!

Many babies are prepared with aloe gum at home

The size of the family can be used, powerful, but the price is also very white.

Name:THESAEM 99% aloe gum in Jeju Island, South Korea
Place of Origin:China                                                                    Specifications:300g  
Quality guarantee period:3 years (on the specific date please be subject to the receipt of the object)Packing:Box, there isSeal
Characteristic efficacy:Moisturizing sun repair Moisturizing Firming elastic refreshing calm


Many uses:

1. water wash mask:

Directly apply a thick layer on the face, about 30 minutes to 1 hours after shaving and washing off the OK.

2. sleep mask: a thin layer on the face before bedtime, used as a sleep mask.

3. ophthalmic film: thick application of one layer in the eye.

4. "sandwich" application: first thick coating one layer, paste a layer of paper film, and then thick application of a layer of paper film, sandwich mask is a very good way to make water.

5.Modulate essential oil mask: apply thick compress with different functions of essential oil.

7. concentrate repair glue: dig a small spoon of glue into the small box,Into the tea tree, lavender, orange, and other essential oils.It can be applied to the place of varicella, long spot or acne.It plays an important role in changing the skin problem. 


A mixture of aloe vera and isolating cream:Aloe vera gel can be mixed with the cream, so it will not rub mud, and it will moisten, do not think the cream is too thick and dry, and aloe gel itself has a certain isolation effect. The two will have better isolation effect.

Aloe gel +wan beautiful evening cream:Add a little bit of aloe glue in the evening cream, which is quickly absorbed on the face and feels water. The repair effect of aloe glue plus late frost is enough to moisturize and moisturize.

Aloe glue to repair acne:Mature pustule beans, you can put out pustule with clean hands, then the wound rubbed aloe gel, you can use a little of peas as soon as possible.

Aloe gum relieves pain, itching, and redness:If the mosquito bites or broken skin, what Tang hurt, can use aloe vera gel, its unique Xiao repair, inflammation of Yi bacteria, can relieve pain, itching, redness and other symptoms, can promote wound healing.

No additives are more safe and non irritating, suitable for the use of various skin types.


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300ml, the big bowl of fried chicken cabbage!
The arm, the legs are not heartache there are wood! A bottle of this kind is always needed in the summer.
Do facial mask painting body, aloe gel water is also very large.
With the water do sandwiches are also good,
It's not as green as some aloe vera gum, and it feels a lot of pigments.

Transparent colloids are more suitable for fragile MM.
Although there are no other facial mask effects to be amazing,
As the summer sun repair, first up remover at home,
And then put a thick layer on the face to cool it.
It's also a good choice!




TheSaem is fresh, South Korea's new young brand,
It can be said to be a brand of direct competition with the natural paradise of Aloe Vera.
The packing is pretty much like anything.
Good competition is better than quality, price,
TheSaem has to pack the green materials used by the fresh brand, reducing the cost.
At the same time the inner quality is constant, you can enjoy the benefits.
Aloe Vera gum is suitable for various skin types, and it feels soft and delicate.
Deep water supplements the pores to make the skin smooth and smooth.




The bottle has a Chinese title, and the date is always fresh
The bottom of the bottle is marked with the deadline for the use of the product, and the specific date is subject to the object received.



Thesaem/ fresh 99% Aloe Vera gum from organic farmers

Aloe vera gel, refined from aloe extract,

A collection of various advantages in one, fully showing the various properties of aloe and gel.

Effective repair of the skin caused by ultraviolet radiation damage,

Cool and comfortable feeling Zheng quiet skin,

The whole body seemed to be relaxed in the spring.


The rich moisturizing ingredients bring a transparent texture to the skin.

Keep skin tender, tender and delicate, repair rough and fine lines.


To reduce the probability of Xiao inflammation, sensitive skin problems,

Kang bacteria to stop itching, repair small wounds, effectively resist the growth of Xi bacteria.

Bring the skin deep and refreshing. The faint scent of fragrance,

Relax your tension and let the whole mood be fully relaxed.


Transparent gel texture, light taste, not sticky, fast absorption.
At first the orange thought it was green, haha
The bottle creates a false image, and the taste is light.
The bottle has a plastic seal and a separate cover. It's quite sanitary.


Do you see a big 99% of aloe glue on the lid?

This is the difference between it and other Aloe Vera gum, hoho~~

The content of aloe is increased to 99%, and it is easier to absorb ~  


We can use a thick layer as a mask for use

You can also make a sandwich mask, which can be used when the skin is red.

It can be used after sunburn, and children can use it in peace.

Only you can't think of it, no it can't do it, ha ha...

The quality of the jelly is very cool, though the texture is not thick, but the water content is very good.

The absorption effect is very good.

Smear a layer of aloe gel on your face and gently massage to aloe veraThe glue is absorbed by the skin.