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Framed cross stitch strong double-sided tape paper tape glue foot 25 meters thin viscous strong hand tear tape

0.5cm, 12 boxes, 480 0.8cm, 12 boxes, 12 1.0cm 300 boxes, 240 boxes, 240 boxes, 192 boxes, 156 boxes, 120 boxes, 96 boxes, 96 boxes, 72 boxes, 72 4.0cm, one box, 60 5.0cm, one box, 60.

discount 70% in 2018-11-12 to 2018-11-14
price: USD$ 147.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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[0.5cm to mention 40]

[0.8cm to mention 25]

[1.0cm to mention 20]

[1.2cm to mention 16]

[1.5cm to mention 13]

[2.0cm to mention 10]

[2.5cm to mention 8]

[3.0cm to mention 6]

[4.0cm to mention 5]

[5.0cm to mention 4]

[20cm to mention 1]

0.5cm a box, 12, 480 0.8cm, 12, 300

1.0cm a box of 240 1.2cm and one box 192

1.5cm a box of 156 2.0cm and one box 120

2.5cm a box of 96 3.0cm and one box 72

4.0cm a box of 60 5.0cm and one box 48

20cm a box of 12 one 10.5 kilograms

[features] double-sided tape
1, double duct tape on the surface of fiber cloth by waterproof, high strength tensile strength, abrasion resistance and water resistance;
2. Natural rubber is mixed into adhesive with strong adhesive force. Coating on the waterproof cloth, so that the adhesive tape has a very high anti breaking ability and stickup force;
3, double-sided cloth tape has very good adaptability, can cope with bad environment and complex material.
4, the adhesive tape has good performance. It is nontoxic and has no odor.
5. The adhesive tape takes PE and PET as the base material, and the imported temperature resistant resin is coated.
6, the color diversity, the construction work to carry out color separation, not easy to deteriorate, with moisture resistance, strong resistance to tension.
7, with gauze as the base material, double-sided isolation paper as the back lining, coated with pressure sensitive adhesive tape,
8, double sided tape and environmental protection, no odor, moisture, abrasion resistance, double-sided viscous stability, tensile strength, strong adhesion, high strength, good fixing effect, with no residue after stripping.
[use] double-sided tape
1. Heavy objects, stacked and fixed;
2, small volume, large weight products carton packaging;
3, floor plate clearance seal, waterproof treatment, empty sealant seal.
4, double-sided cloth tape is suitable for packaging and part of the electronics industry, without any tools, can be easily torn.
5. It is widely used in the upholstery of the carpet industry, stitching, stitching, and sealing cross stitch.

6, double-sided cloth tape used for carpet edge, high wear-resistant tape layout of the exhibition, but also can be used for advertising wall fixed